UPDATE! Cache is still unavaliable! Replace going to be in summer!

You can report your found on the geocaching.com.

Welcome to the trip around the College of Nyíregyháza. This cache will introduce you the parts and history of the largest school in Nyíregyháza.


by bus: You have to get off the bus '8' at the tennis courts. Then go straight on

by car: If you are going out of the city centre to Sóstó there will be the stadium and the tennis courts. At the tennis courts you have to turn left on a small street. At the end of the street you can see the building of the campus next to a parking site [N47.97278° E21.71199°].

 The János Tuzson Botanic Garden

This garden was just the biology students' hobby. Now we can find a lots of exotic plantsd cactuses in the glass houses.

The Campus

This is the highest building of the complex. There are many comfortable services at the ground floor of the campus (eg.: hairdresser, "supermarket", café, bank).

The park

After the campus and the barrier you have to turn right. GO through the small street and you will be at the park of the college. You can find there a lots of trees, bushes, flowerbeds, a sundial [N47.97316° E21.71621°] and a big fountain too.

The main buildings

Around the park we can find the main buildings of the college. Over the statue of King Steven we can find a building with glass wall (GWH). The box is in the forest across the Sóstói street and that building.

The cache [N47.97323° E21.71621°]

The cache is a 16x8x4 cm microwawe box. You have to start your trip at the GWH. At the centre of the forest you can find the cache at a double acacia tree.

If you are tired...

You can find an irish pub at an older building next to the tennis courts [N47.9718° E21.71449°]. If you still have some energy you can visit the swimming pool (it is next to the high building of the campus). The swimming pool is closed at summer!

If you think the place is fine, you can learn at the college next year :-).

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